SUN Movies
Hero Balancer


SUN Energy developed a smart control system for sustainable heating, cooling and sustainable hot domestic water. Watch our animation and meet Hero!

SUN Energy ESCo Animation


We present our ESCo model in an animation. Follow this link.

ZON Energie - ESCO


See and reed what we do as an independent developer, investor and operator!


Follow this link for the English movie.

ZON in one minute, a pitch


Our core business in a pitch from one minute, ZON Energie!


ZON Energie - the company


Take a look at this movie and see our business.


Learn about our mission, vision, passion and the whole SUN Energy concept.


In the spotlight: our sustainable technology


Take a look in our technical kitchen. Experience our sustainable technology.


In the spotlight: project Durghorstplantsoen Krommenie


A new building of Parteon in Krommenie, consisting 79 apartments and a beautiful atrium, with a sustainable energy - installation for sustainable living and caring.


View the project movie.


In the spotlight: printed wells


Innovative wells in the ground!


A unique new concept for heat and cold storage in the ground.


Together with 'Dijk Geotechniek' and 'Sixways', ZON Energie realised printed wells for heat and cold storage in the ground. A new concept, used by the office of ZON Energy in Holland. A new technique, als usable for wells for individual houses.


In the spotlight: geothermal baskets


One of the four types of wells for heat and cold storage in the ground, at the office of ZON Energie, is the geothermal basket


The 4 baskets have a total capacity of 12 kW.


In the spotlight: project Zandvoort


Renovation of the whole citycentre of Zandvoort. Sun-city of Holland, Zandvoort, is geting sustainable!


ZON and Zandvoort: 1 + 1 = 3!