SUN Energy South Africa
SUN Energy South Africa is an ESCo company and subsidiary of the Dutch ZON Energie Groep.
We have made a long term strategic decision to position ourselves in South Africa after seeing the huge demand for flexible solutions in the sustainable energy market.
ZON Energie Groep is a well-established market leader in renewable energy solutions for residential buildings. Goal of our company is to make sustainable energy available and affordable for everyone and providing greater comfort.
SUN Energy South Africa provides sustainable solutions to households for heating, cooling and hot domestic water powered by renewable energy sources. Our flexibility allows clients to tailor the comfort and costs to exact specification. We have the capacity to develop, finance, install and operate such energy systems.
SUN Energy South Africa aims to work with developers, investors, municipalities and associations of homeowners. Together we make buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and cost effective.
We offer more than developers dare to think!