Trstenik, Serbia, Daycare

In 2010 the Dutch government published a tender, from a PSO-M instrument for realization of a project in Serbia. ZON Energie was the winner of the tender and was tasked to provide renewable energy solution to two buildings in Trstenik. One was the daycare center for people with special needs and second was an existing kindergarten.

The daycare center is built in 2011 and it is completely financed with donor money. The Dutch component of the project allowed the installation of the sustainable energy system. The system included heat exchangers connected to the closed system and a heat pump.
The installation was completed just before the winter of 2011 so for two winters already the users of the daycare center are enjoying a comfortable environment with a fraction of the costs they would normally expect to have.
During winters of 2012/2013 use of bivalence system was not necessary meaning that all the energy used was from the renewable source!