Trstenik, Kindergarten

Geothermal energy in public buildings.

Serbia : the project
In 2010 the Dutch government, through the PSOM programme tendered a project in Serbia. ZON Energie was the awarded executing party. In consultation with the Dutch Embassy in Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, faculty mining and geology, two locations were chosen in Trstenik. Project included the construction of a day care centre for children with special needs and the renovation of a kindergarten.
The two projects
Chosen projects were both public buildings. The day care centre was a newly built project whereas the kindergarten needed a substantial renovation. Two projects also used different approaches to utilize the available geothermal resources. The installation in the day care is powered with geothermal energy from a closed ground heat exchangers, whereas the kindergarten has an open source.
With these two projects, we show that sustainability in both new and existing buildings with both open and closed system is possible in Serbia. The construction has been completed and we are now monitoring the system.
The Kindergarten 
The building of the kindergarten was, like many public buildings in Serbia, dated, very energy inefficient and dangerously set up regarding the delivery system (hot heaters near small children) and electricity.
We applied Trias Energetica concept in the entire building:
  1. Reduced the energy demand
  2. Maximized use of renewable energy sources
  3. Maximized efficiency of use of fossil fuels needed for filling up residual demand
The Kindergarten today
After thorough approach (insulation of walls, roof and replacement of windows and doors) floor pipes were laid out, electricity supply was updated and wash rooms were addressed. We installed an open source is in the front yard of the kindergarten.
Since Christmas 2012, the floor pipes were heated from the new technical area equipped with a heat pump, buffer tanks and exchangers. All rooms are equipped with floor distributors and thermostats: temperatures are no longer regulated by opening windows, but with thermostats.
The result: comfortable, durable and above all a safe heat for the children and their supervisors.


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