Spanbroek, VVS, Holland
VVS’46 Scores renewables!

Sport complex of VVS’46 made sustainable from utilizing local energy sources by local parties
Short introduction
Football club VVS’46 is situated in a beautiful, fully equipped sport complex in Spanbroek. The complex consists of four football fields (one of which is with artificial grass), changing rooms, canteen, sports hall – De Oranjehaal.
Follow up
The complex of VVVS’46 has apart from canteen and changing rooms, a full scale, certified, indoor football pitch for futsal. Some years ago a fire which broke out and left the canteen totally scorched. Luckily there weren’t large blazes! Also the Oranjehaal at the time had asbestos roofs which saved it from the fire. This fire accident has left VVS thinking about the future and their options.
The objective
The objective is to make a future-proof sports complex which is:
  • Free from fossil fuels
  • A safe environment for sports and practice
  • Operating with fixed energy costs through an ESCO agreement with ZON Energie
  • Having a zero on the energy meter, or, in words of VVS’46: “keep the zero on the board!”
Journey to energy neutrality consists of five steps:
  1. Removal of the asbestos roof of the Oranjehaal by a certified asbestos removal company van der Bel;
  2. Installation of new roof covers by G. van Diepen;
  3. Installation of solar panels on the roof by Soliviri;
  4. Removal of gas powered heating system and termination of gas connection;
  5. Installation of geothermal system with probes and heat pump by Rijkhoff Installatietechniek.
The entire project was carried out by local companies from Spanbroek - Rijkhoff installatietechniek, van Diepen dak en gevel, Soliviri and ZON Energie! There are the local companies that have shown to have warm and lasting feelings for VVS’46. 
The result
The result is a football complex which is future proof and supplies itself with all the necessary energy for operation via 450 solar panels on the roof of Oranjehaal. The solar panels provide necessary electricity for all the lighting (both indoors and outdoors), the canteen, all electric devices and for heating of the Oranjehaal. There is so much energy that in future parking lot will have places for charging of electric cars! The probes and heat pumps from the technical room provide enough heating for the canteen and changing rooms. In the summer, these areas are also cooled by removing heat form the facilities and storing it in the ground for use in winter period.
The Future
The energy neutral complex which gives sporty energy to its members, visiting teams and visitors! VVS’46 is ready for the future. 
The entire complex is the proof of what can be done with locally available energy with committed local companies.
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