Kantoor ZON Energie, Spanbroek
The office of ZON Energie is built in 1958 and is now our business card. It is a pilot project in which we have implemented many of our own new technologies in a way that it remains invisible in the existing building. 
The invisible are components such as cooling, low temperature heating and air handling which are all placed under the roof and under the lowered ceilings. A large chimney that once served a huge oil-powered boiler in the basement is used as part of the new system for climate control and air-flow management. 
System for underground storage of heat and cold is also invisible. In this case we used a new way of pressing underground piles, geothermal baskets in double and single loops. Please see available videos and images for more information.
Since the first part of the renovation was completed in 2011 the company has moved in to its new location.
Parts which are visible signs of renovation are new windows matching the style of the original, new climate control ceilings and floor heating.
Combination of these (in)visible measures has granted us a high increase in energy efficiency from level G to level A!




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- projectinformation