Hofpark, Schagen

In Schagen we are building luxurious, sustainable apartments which are connected to a collective renewable energy installation. The collective renewable energy system delivers heating and cooling from a central technical room. The system consists of geothermal source, heat exchangers, solar panels, centrally placed heat pumps and a boiler in case additional warming is needed at peak use.


All the apartments are heated or cooled to the desired temperatures by floor heating and cooling. The climate control system is automatic and depends on the weather. The cooler it is on the outside, the warmer the water flowing through the system.


In summer time, all the excess heat picked up from the apartments is taken out and "stored" in the ground and saved for the winter. The ground underneath the buildings is acting like a large natural "thermos" bottle. There are no cold air streams in the summer, just a comfortable indoor climate.


Vacuum tube solar collectors are responsible for providing hot domestic water. All heat collected this way is stored in a buffer and distributed through a separate warm water network. In case additional heating is required, installed boilers increase the temperature of the domestic water.


All heat comes 80% from the ground and 20% from the electricity. About 50% of the delivered warm water is heated by the sun.


Benefits for the households

  • Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
  • Healthy living environment with floor heating 
  • No space loss for boilers or radiators 
  • Billed per use 
  • Contribution to a cleaner world



- Projectinformation Hofpark (Dutch)