Driebergen, De Lange Dreef

Applied for a subsidy… and then?

Like many housing associations Heuvelrug Wonen has submitted an application for subsidy for use of renewable energy. In 2008 the association wanted to put more than 2,300 m² of solar panels (PV panels) on the roof of the existing apartment complex De Lange Deef (Long Drive). A grant application for such an ambitious project is one thing, the project's implementation is something else. How to design a PV roof? Which requirements should the system satisfy? How does a PV system on rooftop look like? Is a project of this magnitude technically and financially feasible?



The playing field

ZON Energy Group looked into all these question through a business model. We made a unique business model, based on technical and economic feasibility studies, making optimal use of all the incentives of the various levels governments. It was a playing field which needed to take into account many different aspects.




Energieker and Scheuten Solar BV have made the technical design and implementation in two steps. By July 2010, the last panel was installed and the system was in use. This system achieved a total capacity of almost 250 kWp which is total electricity consumption of 60 households.




Via a system developed by Energieker called ZonZeker the performance of the entire system is maintained and monitored on a daily basis.



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