Dordrecht, Overkamppark

In Dordrecht ZON Energie is participating in construction of three towers. Together with AM Wonen, we have completed the first building and another two are expected in near future.


The style of the buildings is slender, modern and a plastic form. The facades show a rhythmic exchange of transparent parts and more closed walls.


What is not visible is state of the art renewable energy installation responsible to provide heating, cooling and hot domestic water to the residents.


All the apartments are heated or cooled to the desired temperatures by floor heating and cooling. The climate control system is automatic and depends on the weather. The cooler it is on the outside the warmer the water flowing through the system. In summer, relatively cold ground water is used to cool the apartments. In summer time, all the excess heat picked up from the apartments is taken out and "stored" in the ground and saved for the winter. The ground underneath the buildings is acting like a large natural "thermos" bottle.


This particular system consists of

  • Heat pumps 
  • Open source (well) system 
  • Boiler 
  • Distribution network for heat, cold and hot domestic water 
  • Floor heating and cooling


Benefits for the households

  • Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
  • Healthy living environment with floor heating 
  • No space loss for boilers or radiators 
  • Contribution to a cleaner world