Breda, Sculpturen
City of Breda has established so called green zones which connect the city to its outskirts. This zone is the home of a prestigious green project called the Sculptures.
This project consists of three towers with a total of 248 apartments, a care-cluster with group divisions and separate 35 apartments.  This project was developed together with WonenBreburg / NBU and ZON Energie.
All the apartments are heated or cooled to the desired temperatures by floor heating and cooling. Ground water used in this system is warmed or cooled through heat exchangers. The climate control system is automatic and depends on the weather. The cooler it is on the outside the warmer the water flowing through the system.
In summer, relatively cold ground water is used to cool the apartments.
Hot domestic water is heated by solar panels and heat pumps. In case of peak use or extreme cold weather, boilers are used to heat up the water to the desired temperatures.
Entire heat for the complex comes 60% from the ground, 25% from the sun and only 15% from the electricity. An extra buffer installed allows quick heat and cold exchange between all three towers.
This particular system consists of:
• 200m2 of solar thermal collectors
• Low temperature heating (geothermal)
• High temperature cooling (geothermal)
• Closed source system for heat and cold storage and an extra buffer
• Boiler (for peak load)
• Heat pump
• Distribution network for heat, cold and hot domestic water
• Apartments are equipped with individual energy meters 
Benefits for the households
• Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
• Healthy living environment with floor heating
• No space loss for boilers or radiators
• Contribution to a cleaner world
• Energy efficiency increase of 40% compared to same results with use of fossil fuels
• Reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 350 tons per year


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