Our vision

V – Viable 
Every day renewable energy sources provide enough energy to meet the needs of the entire world. Our idea is to make the use of this energy viable and we intend to do it by completing as many projects as possible, using renewable energy sources. Through an optimal mix of geothermal and solar energy, we make sure that our solutions bring us closer to our goals.
Result: Comfortable living at affordable prices with as little dependency on fossil fuels as possible
I – Integrated 
By integrating technical and financial capabilities we share knowledge, innovation and initiatives for the growing market of energy efficient buildings. We translate your ambitions with an optimal mixture of technology, finance and organization ensuring quality solutions for clients.
Result: An integrated care free concept
S – Share
Through sharing knowledge and strategic partnerships we create synergy to fulfill our vision. Through cooperation with universities, equipment producers and other suppliers we are always up to date with developments regarding renewables in the housing industry. Through clear and transparent cooperation with our partners, we are effective and efficient.
Result: Care, Share, Dare, No Air
I – Innovation 
Today we develop ideas for tomorrow and beyond. When running a long term business, it is essential to keep innovating. Technical, financial and organizational innovations are there to ensure our leading position in 2020 and beyond. Among other things, since 2009, we have been developing the "Smart Grid Heat" and "HeatMatcher" technology. We have developed our own regional sustainability investment funds without the banks but under close watch of the Dutch supervisory bodies for financial markets. Organizational innovations allowed us to develop various management models for partnerships.
Result: Innovation has become a way of life and operation for the group
O – Operational 
We don’t only design, develop, invest and realize a renewable energy system, but we also keep it operational for 30 years or longer. We keep it operational in organizational, financial and technical sense all under one roof.  We daily monitor the installations and follow technological developments allowing the system to be even more energy efficient for even more comfortable living.
Result: A total reliability and durability of the system installed
N – Need 
We address some of the basic human needs for comfortable living. There we push the thresholds and set standards that others follow. We are very good at understanding the needs of different stakeholders in process of creating living environments. Whether you are a developer or a future home owner, rest assured that our system understands and meets your needs. Affordable comfort at home, powered by renewable sources is a necessity.
Result: clearly defined and satisfied needs of our clients and partners
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