Working with Sun
If you are a developer, investor, municipality or homeowners’ association – let’s talk and work together. We have the answer to any question about renewable energy, energy efficiency, financial or organizational aspects.
If you are building or reconstructing a building we can support you throughout the project. Our role can be visible and significant from the beginning and assessment of the idea to the financing and operation of the system.
As developer and investor you will be able to offer higher comfort and better living conditions to your clients at no extra cost. By working with SUN you can contribute to a cleaner and energy efficient environment. 
It’s a triple win – at no extra construction costs you increase the level of living comfort and it’s better for the environment.
As municipality you can maximize the use of your available funds for energy efficiency. Not only can we give you independent advice on optimal solutions for your target but we can also co-invest through a Public Private Partnership. Additional support can be given on the organizational and administrative front as well as assisting with making people aware of energy efficiency.
As homeowners’ association you can take initiative now and increase the level of living comfort and energy efficiency at no extra costs. We can handle medium and large buildings independently. Let’s talk and define your ambitions so we can work out a proposal for you which increases comfort, value of property and energy efficiency without adding costs for residents.