Living with Sun
Living with SUN means living comfortably, environmentally friendly and at lower costs.
We provide:
  • heating
  • cooling
  • hot domestic water
-> in the most comfortable way.
Our 24/7 operating floor heating and cooling system maintains a constant temperature, unless of course a different level is required. We can guarantee 21C during winter periods.
Even in warm summers, the roomtemperature can be kept pleasant and healthy without using air conditioning systems. Forget about noisy fans and individual systems that cost extra because they use electricity, have to be serviced and maintained. Replace them by SUN Energy systems.
The central based heating and cooling system also brings uniformity to your building, with an intact façade and just the way the architect designed it to be – beautiful and made comfortable by SUN.
Hot domestic water from a central system replaces the boiler. This means more usable space and less electricity and maintenance costs. At the same time, you can be sure that the energy used to heat up your water is renewable and leaves no footprint on the environment.