Do you know the temperature?

Heat and cold storage

Heat and cold storage (HCS) in the soil, a long known concept, is often the basis for a sustainable energy system. The only question is, what is the temperature in the soil? What impact does a harsh winter have on the soil temperature?
Do you know the temperature?
Soil has an almost always constant temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius at larger depths. But what happens to the soil temperature in winter when we take warmth from the ground and store cold there in the summer?
Sensors at depth
ZON Energy has temperature sensors placed in the soil to investigate and monitors these temperatures. This monitoring has shown us that even after a severe winter the ground works like a big sponge and the temperature does not change significantly! This means that our heat exchange systems are not altering the natural behaviour of the soil, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of implemented solutions.


The report of the temperature