ESCO - the optimal organisational
ESCo - the optimal organisation
Renewable energy is the future. But how can you seize such a great investment opportunity if you cannot pass the benefits to the end users? The solution is setting up a private ESCo (Energy Service Company) or Energy Ltd, which offers many opportunities at limited financial risks.
Laws, rules, the no-more-than-others discussions and organizational constraints make it almost impossible to calculate the actual savings. Investment in renewable energy with a separate Energy Ltd for the energy exploitation bypasses all these obstacles.
It even provides additional (tax)benefits and subsidies. Although limited, there are financial risks.
Knowledge readily available
ZON Energie Groep has a vast amount of knowledge in this niche area. Our unique ZON Cafeteria System makes it possible for you set up a company yourself or to benefit from our Energy Ltd. You decide where in the project you expect our involvement and what you prefer to cover with you own in-house resources!
Experiences of others
Several housing associations (and residents) already benefit from renewable energy through their own energy company. Browse through our project portfolio and see the various possibilities yourself.
Tip: Take a look at the project Wold & Waard (Zuid Horn) where Jan Leistra, Manager Technical Operations, shares his own experience with energy entity WW4Energie.


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